Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Good News!

As I've been writing the Prelude to what happened to Shangri La, some new and exciting developments have been taking place. My last Five months at Shangri La were consumed with starting a new production company which was to be built on relationships between writers, producers and artists. We were well on our way to realizing an environment in which we had control over all of the artistic issues so often fucked up by the "suits" of the industry. We had a perfect facility for songwriters to come and be inspired, and were developing a state of the art techical facility in which to produce great music. Some of the best musicians in the business were coming around and producers like Gary Miller, John Porter and John Hanlon were on deck with artists and projects lined up. All of the necessary relationships with labels and A&R people were in our grasp. And then, as you'll read in my ongoing saga, it all turned to shit.

Well, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, a facility appeared and the owners of that facility have expressed desires to take on the activities we had worked so hard to bring to fruition. In other words...we're back in the saddle!

The new production company is still in the baby stages but all of our old relationships being intact, I anticipate a very successful outcome. We are starting by building a production suite for Gary Miller who brings so very much to the table. There is a threat that John Porter will be bringing projects to the new place as well. The new hideout is full of great writing areas and is beautifully situated close by the same ocean as Shangri La.

As we get up a head of steam in the writing and production end, a large part of my energies will be spent in turning a big room on the property into a worthy live recording room. It's a bit daunting and there is much to build on a low budget. But goddammit! This is going to be fun!

Everytime musicians came into the main room at Shangri la, they would say things like, "Damn, it sure sounds good in here" or "listen to this room, it just wants to make some music". Well, I was there when that room was just a big square full of air. I know what went into it. A lot of thought, tons of intuition, and years of blood and sweat (no tears). And I'll be damned if we can't do it again. I'll keep you posted as we progress.

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