Saturday, June 09, 2007

London Calling Lucia Iman

I've just returned from a fantastic trip to London. Lucia Iman performed at the Gibson Guitar Studios as the opening act for an Evening With Sellaband. If you have a soft spot in your heart for hardworking musicians, I urge you to visit Lucia's page on the Sellaband site where you can watch her performance and make up your own mind. It was an absolute pleasure to play bass behind this very talented musician.

Currently, she is number 5 out of 4000 acts and rising. I hope that all of you take a moment to read up on how Sellaband works.

Personally, I've always been skeptical of fund raising schemes, but after meeting everyone involved with this organization, I can endorse their business plan without reservation.

I'll be writing about all the craziness that is London in another posting. It will make you laugh and I'll get to vent my spleen a bit. But for now, do something good for the music world and check out Sellaband. You won't regret it.

Cheers for now.


lucia's blog said...

thanks Pete, it was a pleasure playing with you, thank you for everything.
Can't wait to get the show started!!
xo Lucia

Michael & Mookie Clouse said...

This young lady is extremely talented (and so are u Big Fella)! We watched the London performance and were blown away...My son has already added Lucia on his MySpace. Keep on rockin' u old bastard!