Monday, June 18, 2007

My Pitch for Sellaband

I'm going to make one more pitch for something I've grown to believe in. Sellaband is a fairly new music site that has much to offer both artists and the music consumer. The interesting twist is the marketing system. Sellaband provides a virtual gathering place where artists can put their ideas in front of consumers who can then decide to become investors. The democracy of the concept is appealing.

One winter, long ago, my neighborhood was snowed in to the extent that all travel came to a standstill. The snowplows couldn't make it to our street. It was Christmas Eve and nobody could go to the store. So the adults pooled their resources. One family had potatoes, another vegetables and so on. The result was that, what was once five separate families wondering how to put Christmas dinner on the table became one big family feasting together.

And that is basically how Sellaband works. One neighbor has the talent, another has the technical know-how, and another has the funding. Everyone wins because everyone has an important part to play. I am a professional skeptic, but I have become a believer.

In Sellaband terms, being a believer means that you believe in an artist enough to put ten dollars where your mouth is. When an artist has generated fifty grand in belief, Sellaband will produce and market a professional product and everyone involved shares in the proceeds. That's really the gist of it but you can get all the details here.

I want to mention a few artists that have caught my attention. I hope that you can take a moment to check these artists out for yourself on the Sellaband web site.

I am associated with Lucia Iman as her bass player and by virtue of the fact that she studies voice with me. She is a very talented songwriter and pianist, but it's her delivery that has made her one of the fastest rising artists on the charts. Bulletproof Messenger performed at the recent London Calling show which Lucia Iman opened. Very musical, very ballsy. This band deserves a listen.

Then there are the Vegas Dragons from Australia. You gotta check this band out just because Brian is such a trip. This guy's energy is...well, I want them to do well just to see them on a big stage.

And the last band that I will plug in my shameless way comes from the homeland. Solidtube was a pleasant surprise. This Austrian trio sounds like they cut their musical teeth in the California summer of love. The singer has a delivery and vocal character that is all torn blue jeans and beaded fringed jackets. If they are successful on Sellaband, they will have an opportunity to bring the quality of their production to the same level as the quality of their songs. Solidtube is worth a listen.

Well that's my pitch for a way to market music that, for my money, beats the shit out of the ugly mess once known as the "Music Business." Give it a try.


Utterly B Groovy said...

Came over here from Solid Tube's recent message.
Nice plug for Sellaband. Really enjoyed Lucia's set at the London Showcase too! BPM were awesome too (but then I expected them to be geat!). For me, the standout set of the evening was Maitreya and his guests as I really didn't think I'd like it, but it was excellent! If he hadn't already hit $50K I'd have picked up a piece of him, but I missed out this time!
Another of the Artists on Sellaband worth a look is Daniel Ward-Murphy, currently at No 9 in the top ten!

Walter said...

Thanks to Francis Rodino's newsletter I learned about your blog. There will soon be a link to it on Great to read your reviews about bands on sellaband. Great!